Have you ever been somewhere that just took your breath away? When you visit Monument Valley, I can guarantee that will be your reaction.

Surrounded by red sandy desert and vast blue sky, this iconic piece of landscape is hard not to fall in love with.

For you pop culture buffs, Monument Valley has been the location for many famous films and T.V. series such as Forrest Gump, Lone Ranger, Back to the Future III, Doctor Who, and more! Its rugged beauty is the perfect setting for those wanting to travel back in time to capture an authentic American Southwest landscape.

I hope these 10 photos begin to show you the magic of this place and convince you to visit Monument Valley.

Where To Stay:

The only hotel in Monument Valley is The View Hotel. You will have the choice between the hotel, cabins, and campground. I 100% recommend staying at one of the cabins with an unobstructed view. Waking up to these gorgeous view from your bedroom are priceless!

Check out this sunrise time-lapse from our hotel room!

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