How many of you dread checking your bag at the airport out of fear that it may get lost?

I know I do.

Here Are Some Interesting Lost Luggage Facts From SITA:

  • With 3.72 bn enplaned passengers, 21.6 million bags were mishandled – equivalent to 40 bags per minute!
  • 82% of passengers surveyed in 2016 checked in at least one bag for their last flight.
  • 47% of mishandled bags occurred during transfers.
  • The cost to the industry for mishandled bags in 2016 was $2.1bn.

When the airline check-in tag is missing, damaged or expired (with barcodes being recycled on a continuous basis), baggage handlers can typically only identify mishandled bags with a physical description. But how many large, black pieces of luggage do you think pass through the airport let alone get lost every day? Your guess is as good as mine, but I imagine it’s quite a few pieces.

That is why over these past 5 years of traveling, I have never checked my bags – until I discovered Trace Me Luggage Tracker.

Trace Me Luggage Tracker
Trace Me Luggage Tracker

The Trace Me Luggage Tracker is a credit card sized tag with a unique serial number and barcode. To activate the tag, all you have to do is register your personal information online into a secure property register database – used by airlines, airports, law enforcement agencies and luggage handling offices around the globe.

If your luggage is unfortunately lost, a baggage handler will scan the barcode or enter the serial number. Immediately, an SMS text and email are automatically sent to the owner notifying him/her of the location of the bag. It is so easy and efficient!

I definitely feel more comfortable checking my bags now, knowing that if they were to get lost they can easily be located.

Luckily, I haven’t lost my bag since using Trace Me Luggage Tracker; but if I do, I will update you on my experience!

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