Hello and welcome to The Lovely Escapist!

My name is Angie. I am a 26 year old American girl with a passion to see the world and capture it through my lens. My love affair with travel began at the age of six when I took my first family trip to Europe, and it has not stopped since. Over the years, I have traveled to 6 continents and 30+ countries and hope to explore many more! You may also notice that a lot of my adventures include a mysteriously good looking man. That would be my incredible husband, Layton. He has been my best friend, travel companion, and number one supporter over these past 8 years. I am so blessed to go through life with such an amazing person by my side.

I started The Lovely Escapist to provide travel inspiration and information for adventurous souls! By providing you with destination guides, travel tips, and photography inspirations, my hope is that you’ll be inspired and motivated to get out there and see the world.

The world is a big place. It is my goal to see as much of it as I can and learn as much as possible. As humans it is important and even our duty to expand our horizons and understand how the world works so we can help make it a better place. The only way you can really do this is through exploration. So let’s have some fun, see some incredible places, and escape into this beautiful world together!

Angie xoxo