The Funkiest Loft In Town

Introducing the bright bohemian Funky Loft in Brooklyn, NY!

It is a newly renovated loft in a 1920s industrial building located in Brooklyn’s artsy neighborhood of Bushwick. The vintage details, huge windows, skylights, and a mixture of colors, all help to create a charming atmosphere.

The Funky Loft has 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, hardwood floors, and an open kitchen and living space. It also has a central heat and a/c unit, an awesome speaker system, washer & dryer, and incredible natural light!

Fun fact: The building was built in the 1920’s and still has some of the original brick walls!!!

Some other details that make this place special are the vintage cherry wallpaper accent wall, 1950’s Coca-Cola Refrigerator, green velvet vintage couch, large Navajo area rug, lush plants, one-of-a-kind vintage furniture and props, a beautiful seafoam kitchen, a kitschy 1970’s themed bathroom with wild animal wallpaper, sliding wood barn doors, AND an indoor swing hanging from the rafters.

If you’re looking for a quirky, fun, artsy place to stay, then The Funky Loft is DEFINITELY for you!

Plus, it’s only a 30-minute subway ride from Manhattan; so you’re able to experience the city while also enjoying quiet evenings in Brooklyn.

The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft

Cozy Rooms

The Funky Loft has 3 rooms and a loft (where the hosts stay).

While I was there, of course I had to stay in the room that reminded me of a tropical getaway. The bed spread had large green banana leaves all over, a bamboo bookshelf, and twinkle lights. Good vibes only!

I shared this room with a friend of mine and we had enough room for 2 carry on luggages and 2 large checked bags! Also, the full sized bed was unbelievably comfortable (new memory foam mattress)!

This room has a sliding barn door, so there is no lock. However, have no fear. Our hosts were home most of the time and the other guests in the loft were kind, considerate, and sweet!

The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft

Behind the pink and yellow door is another room called by the hosts a ‘NY Backpacker’s Dream’. It is the only bedroom with a lock and key.

The room is very spacious. Not only is there space to hang your clothes, but there is room beneath the bed to store whatever you like. The twin sized memory foam mattress fits perfectly between 2 walls (see picture) and is 74 inches long. It is approximately 36 inches off the ground with a step stool to get up, so there is 36 inches of space underneath.

My favorite part about this room were the two windows that open to the outside. This made for some gorgeous natural light, perfect for reading during the day and watching the moon from your bed at night.

The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft

The third room was occupied by another guests while we were there so I was unable to take photos, however, here is some information about it in case you’re interested in staying!

This room has a window that opens into the living room and a sliding barn down. It has a size full memory foam mattress, full length mirror, exposed brick, and built in shelf. Perfect for one or two people!

To book a room at The Funky Loft, head here —>

Kitschy 1970’s Themed Bathroom

There is only one bathroom on the premise so each guest and hosts must share.

Since you are sharing, it’s important to be respectful of the rules. For example, if you use your own toiletries, please store them in your room. It would be very difficult to have 5-8 different individual’s toiletries all over the bathroom.

The hosts are kind enough to include towels, Q Tips, cotton swabs, iron, hair blow dryer, shampoo & conditioner, body wash and tampons/pads!

While it was smaller, I honestly loved this bathroom because of the amazing jungle theme! How cute is the wallpaper??

The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft

Introducing, Your Host!

Marcella was an AirBNB host in LA for 4 years and was featured in their magazine at the ‘AirBNB Open’ in November 2016! She lives in The Funky Loft in Brooklyn with her boyfriend Antonio, so there will always be a host present. Antonio is an artist and from Portugal. Both are very welcoming and love sharing their home.

Q & A

Where did you get the idea to start The Funky Loft?
I had a loft in Downtown LA that I could not afford to live in but it was my dream loft… I immediately started renting the extra rooms on Airbnb to help pay my rent and we started being fully booked year round!  As it got more popular and as I started booking photo and film shoots in the space I wanted to give it a name and The Funky Loft just fit!
What is your favorite part about The Funky Loft?
I love that my home draws people from all corners of the world.  The loft is my style and my design and I made it so that I like where I live and having people stay with us because it’s their aesthetic as well reminds me that we’re all so similar even if we’re from Bali or Norway or Tennessee.
What do you love about being a host?
Similar to above, meeting people from all over the world! We have guests from places that I dream about going to and I get to talk to them about the best local spots to go when I’m there. The loft brings so much culture and I love being surrounded by it.
Best restaurant nearby?
It’s not really a restaurant but they have food… Little Skips!  It’s our neighborhood cafe and it’s my favorite place to go and bring my laptop to do work.  Plus they have the best sandwiches and my favorite…Thai Tea.
What is a must-do on Saturday night in Brooklyn or NYC?
Oooof that’s a hard one.  It really depends on what kind of person you are but for me, going swing dancing at one of the many swing pop-ups every week.  And of course just walking around the village and people watching.
What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
Well not so much anymore, but I used to hula hoop and fire hoop. I still have some of my old hoops tucked away in the loft.  I also played Softball for 9 years and was on the All Star team for 4 years.
Many people come to take photos at the Funky Loft, anyone famous??? 
Grace Vaanderwaal had a shoot in the loft and she was so incredibly adorable!  And back when the loft was in LA, Zendaya shot a commercial in the loft.
The Funky Loft
The Funky Loft

Want To Book A Film Or Photo Shoot?

One of the coolest things about The Funky Loft is that you can actually schedule a film & photo shoot! The loft is unique with a bohemian, retro vibe so your guaranteed to take some sick photos!

I’ve provided some basic information but if you’d like some more info, please head here —>


  • 3 people or less: $85/hr
  • 5 people or less: $105/hr
  • 8 people or less: $125/hr

*All shoots have a 3 hour minimum

Additional Fees:

  • Cleaning Fee – $50 (Crews of 5 or less and 5 hours or less)
  • Cleaning Fee- $125 (Crews of 6 or more and 6 hours or more)


Photo Shoots booked with less than 72 hours notice will be charged an additional $100 fee.  Film Shoots booked with less than 7 days notice will be charged an additional $200 fee