The Saguaro in Scottsdale is the sister hotel to Palm Spring’s most “Instagrammable” hotel under the same name. Located in the heart of Scottsdale, The Saguaro was a pleasure to stay at and an easy way to brighten up the weekend!

While it is easy to get lost at the pool the entire day, you should grab a colorful bike from the valet and explore the neighborhood surrounding the hotel: Scottsdale’s Old Town. The hotel is steps away from amazing restaurants, trendy coffee shops, 14 art galleries, and numerous shopping experiences. Once you’ve worn yourself out walking around one of Arizona’s best-known vacation spots, head back to The Saguaro and cool off with an ice-cold margarita.

Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale


The Saguaro Scottsdale Hotel was originally a Doubletree Inn, built in 1975. More recently, in 2011, the Sydell Group acquired the property and fully renovated it into the resort it is now. Known for its bold use of color, a 12 color palette from the native desert flowers, to create the colorful paradise The Saguaro is today.

The Saguaro embodies Scottsdale: bright pools, southwestern luxury, and Mexican influences. When you step on the property, you are struck by the bright colors that flow through the resort and immediately notice the unique Dia-de-los-Muertos-ish decor hanging on the walls. Between all of the unique influences, The Saguaro has nearly too many unique places to explore, snap a picture, and relax.

Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale
Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale
Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale
Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale
Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale
Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale


I had the luxury of staying at one of the ground floor, pool-side suites!

In the Saguaro Suite, I had plenty of space (both inside and out) to truly experience the hotel. Between the outdoor patio and the on-demand movies accessible through the 42″ smartTV, I was more than content. However, work must be done at some point, so the large work desk, couch, and chair all made working away from home super easy and comfortable. When it was time to settle down to bed, I was surprised that they use 100% organic bath products and provided an extremely cozy robe. The bed was plenty comfy to fall asleep quickly!

Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale

Saguaro Restaurant

If you don’t go out on the town to eat, The Saguaro has you covered. For everything from breakfast to a late-night snack, they’ve got your back.

A casual atmosphere with a contemporary-American-meets-traditional-Mexico flair, it is easy to fall in love with the hotel restaurant (so much so that I ate nearly every meal there during my stay). Small enough to be manned by a single bartender and a single waiter, you’ll get one-on-one attention throughout the entire dining experience. Whether you’re looking for one of the Saguaro’s own cocktails or a more common drink, the bartender is happy and capable to get one in your hand. We were lucky enough to speak to the head chef, Ceasar, who was more than happy to offer some suggestions on what to eat.

You can find the full menu HERE.

For breakfast, I recommend the Banana Pancakes and French Toast. For lunch or dinner, the flatbreads or burger are a must! You can wash any of it down with a delicious Jungle Bird or El Jefe Margarita cocktail.

Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale


Do you want to party with friends under the warm, Arizona sun? Or perhaps you want to enjoy a relaxing day in the shade? The Saguaro has a pool for both!

Each pool is equipped with neon yellow lounge chairs, day beds and umbrellas, so you will enjoy the same luxuries at whatever pool you choose.

So what are the difference?

The calma (quiet) pool, is circular, surrounded by tall hedges to make it more private and relaxing.

On the other hand, the party pool is rectangular with a very open design and has a bar where you can order food and drinks. During summer weekends, you may also find yourself listening to live music at The Saguaro’s infamous pool parties!

For an added luxury, cool off in a private cabana at the party pool. Each cabana is equipped with an HDTV, fireplace, couch, table and two chairs.

Whatever pool you choose, be sure to snap that perfect Instagram photo! The bright colors and fun atmosphere will have your friends and family wishing they were sitting poolside enjoying the gorgeous Arizona weather.

Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale
Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale
Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale
Staying at the Saguaro in Scottsdale

If you’re looking for a colorful stay and fun atmosphere in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, you’ll find it at The Saguaro.

To book a night with The Saguaro click here!



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